Psuedo progenitor

"Heh Heh Heh Heh" He started crying when I grabbed him in my arm. Riya took him back from me, "he doesn't know you!" She added. It shook me up. What the fuck man! he is my child, the way she took him apart, devastated me. The crying sound of my baby took me to … Continue reading Psuedo progenitor



The parasite is any bacteria, virus, or a living organism that eats up the living beings from inside, while the body remains alive to host the parasite. In another way, ideas do act as a parasite of the human mind.As in society, profoundly people live their life on principles and their life is lead by … Continue reading Parasite

Perfection, A Mirage!

Perfection is like a "Mrigtrishna" where a deer with a scented pouch always wonder where the fragrance accomplishes.  Human always wants admiration from another side, and he never satiates. He never believes in himself.People generally see higher society and follow them blindly. Why do you want to be someone? Aren't you beautiful or complete? You … Continue reading Perfection, A Mirage!

Cold-blooded Human

Pain is one of the important emotions among all the other emotions like love, anger, happiness. Ironically it is the most neglected emotion. We all are afraid of it and sometimes we try to run away. We can't see others in pain because we don't want to feel the pain. People celebrate happiness and love … Continue reading Cold-blooded Human

Dear Parents!

Dear parentsWhy you force me to marry someone when I don't want to. Why restricting me to love the opposite gender when I was just a teenager.Am I supposed to love the same gender? Why you expect me to understand your complexes! When you never understand mine. Why you want me to accept you as … Continue reading Dear Parents!