The greedy dog

It was Sunday morning. After completing my daily chores I sat with my kiddo. He is an eight-year-old boy. Today I was going to narrate him “the greedy dog” I was always afraid of his questions. But this time he listened the whole story quietly and didn’t utter a word. I was wondering from which direction the sun had rise today. “Are you alright?” I asked.
“Yaa mum! I was just thinking about the story.”
“What are you thinking about?” I asked again with curiosity.
“Why are these dogs so greedy mum? Not even dogs even the monkeys are clever, they snatch other’s food. Why don’t they want to do hard work for their bread.” He was quite angry and sad.

“Ooo, my baby!”
He is so innocent I didn’t want him to hate other animals. He reminds me of my childhood. When I was small I used to think like that dogs are greedy. But I like animals. Later I analyzed the things and concluded that we humans are so possessive of the luxuries and comforts that we exploit nature and make it our livings, but we never give a thought to other animals. Nature is equally serving to all the species but we changed it, for our selfish reasons. We have enough of everything but we never left a piece behind to other species. This makes a dog and other animals left with fewer resources and now they are competing with their species for their survival. They can’t fight with the human, the fittest species.
I was so indulged in my mind and a sudden jerk from my kiddo took me back to the present.
I haven’t yet answered his question and the next question arrived.
“Mom what’s the point of this story, it’s written for dogs, but the dogs won’t understand our language.” The question struck in my mind and at this age, I feel that those dogs are not the greedy ones. The author indirectly wants to tell the human that greed is a curse. It’s the human own greed who he has to be careful about and yet as the author, I am too weak to tell my child the truth. Should I lie or should I say what I felt or should I let him figure out this on his own.

Written By

Ritika Sharma


Cold-blooded Human

Pain is one of the important emotions among all the other emotions like love, anger, happiness. Ironically it is the most neglected emotion. We all are afraid of it and sometimes we try to run away. We can’t see others in pain because we don’t want to feel the pain. People celebrate happiness and love ceremony. This is the most common way to show how happy and lucky they are. The only age group which are honest with their emotions are children. They feel the pain, embraces it, and also show it to others, mostly by crying.
Pain is generally of two types, physical and the emotional one. When someone gets hurt or gets a physical injury it is acknowledged in all age. We are also concerned with the physical trauma which can be treated with medication. People often come to see others who are in physical pain. But what about the emotional wound?
Here I am not talking about death. The death of a loved one makes the person heartbroken and people do come to grieve together with the family who has lost their loved ones but only a few of them feel the real pain, and some show their presence as per the rituals.
In this busy life, people get no time to listen to someone’s problems and the pain that is caused by it. Most profoundly in our life, we make fun of the emotional pain, we give a nickname to the person who often starts crying quickly or who often show their pain. Remember hiding the pain doesn’t makes you strong and showing it doesn’t mean that you are weak.

Is the emotional pain is meant to cover up and dealt alone?
People generally deal with their pain alone or sometimes when they can’t cope with it, they seek an escape. Alcohol parties are done regularly so that people can deal with their pain silently.
I don’t know what is in the person’s mind but nobody tries to understands the emotional pain and the wounds.
For example, Let’s start with a case where a boy Parth gets hurt by his friend Sunil. Now he won’t talk to the Sunil instead, he would tell his other friends, what Sunil did to him. His friend could start laughing or may show concern but why he always goes to the person he is not at all connected with as we do! Why won’t he talk to the same person?
When you show your pain to someone else, he or she may not understand the pain the same as you feel and this could hurt you even more and as result, the pain increases even more.
Earlier you had a big circle but then you got hurt and you feel these are all the friends of the happiness club then either you leave those friends or showcase your fake happiness. Rarely someone lucky enough have a friend with whom they can share their emotional pain. Nowadays people do have trust issues. After a long period of facing your pain alone, you learn to keep yourself busy avoiding the existence of pain and you never accept it. Often people start meditating, they lose trust and love in their companionship, they stop sharing and start managing wound by themself.
In my opinion, no one is enough to control or overcome their pain alone. Also, you may have listened to the quote “Time is the biggest healer” but have you ever cried on the same thing after years or something bad happened in your past that till date you feel the same pain as you felt it the first time.  Sometimes the human time scale is not enough to heal some emotional wounds and some wounds die with your death. Usually, you get yourself enough trained, to hide your pain but you know what is the worst part about the pain! It takes away all other emotions from you. Pain is meant to be felt like all other emotions. There is some balance between all the emotion you feels. If you run away from one, it eventually ruins the emotional balance and in this way, you are running from all other emotions too.
In a marriage or relation, two persons are bound to live with each other as they are connected with love and needs. But after getting pain or heartbreak from your partner and not talking about it, the wounds get deep, love emotion will be lost and only the need for each other binds you.  After running from the pain,  you forget to love. This is where new species of human born “Cold-blooded human”. You start showing fake concern to the people around you. You find a getaway from your pain all the time. This new community is considered as the fittest in today’s world and here a new era is created named “the materialistic world”.

Written by:

Ritika sharma

Dear Parents!

Dear parents
Why you force me to marry someone when I don’t want to. Why restricting me to love the opposite gender when I was just a teenager.
Am I supposed to love the same gender? Why you expect me to understand your complexes! When you never understand mine. Why you want me to accept you as who you are when you have never accepted me as who I am. Why you want me to achieve the idealism that is created in your mind when I own a different theory. In future, society will be of people like me, so let me make it on my own. Don’t impose your fear and judgements of society on me.
I am tired of trying! To be what you want me to be. Please let me figure it out, who am I? And what I want to be.

Credits dark anki

Life is not ABC, that everyone will read it in the same way. Life hits me different than you, let me deal with it by my way because, in the end, it will be me who will face the consequences. And trust me you are untouched and unexperienced by the part of the life I have faced. It’s my fight! All I want is your trust in me, not your fears. This way you makes me vulnerable. You haven’t raised a lamb! I make my path by myself. Whatever you portray to me about your so-called “Ideal life” is not exactly my life. I don’t want it to be. The way I want to live my life could be far worse or more beautiful. And in the worst-case scenario, If even my whole life I have to walk through hell but there is one thing for sure, I will die in peace.
I am no Dhritrashtara so don’t be my Sanjay as in the Mahabharata. Let me see through it, with my eyes. I know that I should feel grateful that you have given me life and I am. Remember you pushed me out from you to give a new life then why you are trying to take it back by caging my soul. I am not part of your life and I am not obliged to share the path of your life, where I have to follow your trail. I may not feel the same as you felt. Life is meant to be lived not to just walking an ideal path, waiting for death. I am a part of you but I am not you. So whatever it gonna be struggles, peace, success, failure, all the ups and down let me face them my way.
Dear parents!
You need to understand you can’t control my life, It will only push you away from me.

Written By

Ritika sharma