Dear Parents!

Dear parents
Why you force me to marry someone when I don’t want to. Why restricting me to love the opposite gender when I was just a teenager.
Am I supposed to love the same gender? Why you expect me to understand your complexes! When you never understand mine. Why you want me to accept you as who you are when you have never accepted me as who I am. Why you want me to achieve the idealism that is created in your mind when I own a different theory. In future, society will be of people like me, so let me make it on my own. Don’t impose your fear and judgements of society on me.
I am tired of trying! To be what you want me to be. Please let me figure it out, who am I? And what I want to be.

Credits dark anki

Life is not ABC, that everyone will read it in the same way. Life hits me different than you, let me deal with it by my way because, in the end, it will be me who will face the consequences. And trust me you are untouched and unexperienced by the part of the life I have faced. It’s my fight! All I want is your trust in me, not your fears. This way you makes me vulnerable. You haven’t raised a lamb! I make my path by myself. Whatever you portray to me about your so-called “Ideal life” is not exactly my life. I don’t want it to be. The way I want to live my life could be far worse or more beautiful. And in the worst-case scenario, If even my whole life I have to walk through hell but there is one thing for sure, I will die in peace.
I am no Dhritrashtara so don’t be my Sanjay as in the Mahabharata. Let me see through it, with my eyes. I know that I should feel grateful that you have given me life and I am. Remember you pushed me out from you to give a new life then why you are trying to take it back by caging my soul. I am not part of your life and I am not obliged to share the path of your life, where I have to follow your trail. I may not feel the same as you felt. Life is meant to be lived not to just walking an ideal path, waiting for death. I am a part of you but I am not you. So whatever it gonna be struggles, peace, success, failure, all the ups and down let me face them my way.
Dear parents!
You need to understand you can’t control my life, It will only push you away from me.

Written By

Ritika sharma



12 thoughts on “Dear Parents!

  1. Beautiful Ritika. Life is not 2+2=4
    I hope and pray that you would be a good parent.
    You know we always have a choice. Always. You can’t change anyone, least of all your parents 😜 But your response to their suggestions or directives is in your hand. Eventually life is not about right or wrong. It is all about choices. Cause and effect.
    Beautiful pic too 😍

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  2. sadly many parents the world over want to mould their child in their image … and sadly in my country that’s the main cause of youth suicides!

    But you sound very articulate so I pray your parents will listen to your pleas.

    nice to meet you and welcome to WP 🙂

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