Life seems to me like the graph-sheet of heartbeat, continuity of ups and downs. Our whole life, we struggle to become the better version of us. We fight the lows and enjoy the ups.
In this continuous battle of happiness and sadness, sometimes there comes a break, full of void and dullness. Where you have nothing to fight, and it feels like the silence before the storm. You get afraid of it. You start to feel numb to emotions, alone, depressed, hiding from your reality.
Have you ever think, how it is so?
Why it stays longer? No matter much we fight it! Your mind becomes it’s, own enemy. Maybe that’s because you are habitual of either ups or downs.
But is it something to fear! Can’t we stay quiet for a while! Can’t we use this period to prepare ourself for the upcoming battle? We shouldn’t make it hard on ourself. We should let our mind be in the peace it deserves.
A boy in a hospital convinced his mother that it’s ok if his uncle is in a coma, at least he is not dead. It’s just he survived the accident and now he is tired of it.
Life is based on the fact “Survival of the fittest”. In the world full of hustle, we are fighting like a survivor for our identity, for our dreams. I know life gives more pain than death does but that’s how we feel alive.
In these continuous struggle and hustles, breaks are crucial parts. This lockdown has given all of us a break. It has made our life much more like the comma stage. The reason we are afraid of the comma is that we are uncertain of its period, We don’t know if we would manage to complete the line after this comma or not!
Remind one thing to yourself, Why are you alive! You are not here just to survive but to enjoy life happily. Find the reason, look over things while being in a coma state, to be what you want to be, to complete the line. It’s okay! when someone doesn’t know what they want. It’s okay! Not struggling for your dreams. At some stage, we all get tired of trying again and again. It’s okay! if you are feeling hopeless. It’s okay if this dark tunnel through which you are walking seems unending. Just take a break, Control it, think over things. Gather your energy, give some peace to the mind, do what it loves to do.
And begin again, because this time you won’t, be starting from zero.
Remember that child’s words here, you have survived the long struggle or accident of life and you are still alive, broken apart from inside. You are a real hero because you fight daily to prove your existence. Isn’t that enough?

While being in the coma, it’s the time of self-healing, self-communication and realization of why you are in it. While falling, one is only able to stand after he hit the ground, as once you find the answers to your questions, only then you will be able to write the line after coma.
Never force yourself to come out of a coma because it won’t help. It’s a cage of your’s, own thoughts where your mind wants you to accept the things you are running from.
The things from you are seeking an escape, are also wants to be free from you. The more you run, the more they bind you. Letting go and acceptance is the only way to be free. You can’t put the first gear while the car is going back, you must bring the speed to zero. You can’t purify the glass full of filthy water by shaking it again and again! Just leave the glass for some time, let the dirt settles.
Cry out loud if you want, feel sad if it feels that way. Never regret the coma phase, stop looking for an early escape, you will be wasting your time. Search to your depths, and look out what it’s trying to tell you.

Life is uncertain of death either, it will continue on its path till the destination and coma are the part of it too.


Ritika Sharma

Ankit Sharma


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