Psuedo progenitor

“Heh Heh Heh Heh”
He started crying when I grabbed him in my arm. Riya took him back from me, “he doesn’t know you!” She added.
It shook me up. What the fuck man! he is my child, the way she took him apart, devastated me.
The crying sound of my baby took me to the time I was in the hospital and I remember the pain I bear while giving birth.
First time in my life, I regret the decision of being in solitude. I regret the decision of sacrificing my blood.
My thoughts take the shape of the storm in my mind and the flashback starts moving like a film in front of my eyes.

All of this started in the university, where I met Riya for the first time. As time passed, friends became best friends and we were so similar that even our first crush was also the same person, “Aradhya”. Later Aradhya became her boyfriend and I chose my best friend over love. That situation gave me solitude. I was happy about this. Later we had jobs in different cities, we remained in touch. Nothing came between us.

One day she called me and I found that she was upset, about something, at the moment I packed my bag. On the next day, I was in front of her door.

She told me that she can’t be a mother due to some complications. I met with the doctors; they explained the scenario in detail. And after a lot of discussions, surrogacy was planned for her sake. She was incapable of even donating the ova for the child’s birth. Aradhya and I knew that she won’t be able to handle this truth. This was the second time I lied to her. The first time was, for my feeling for the Aradhya. I gave birth to my biological child from Aradhya.
I was enough strong in my life to handle the emotions. Even I did not see the face of the child after birth.
Today after nine months, when all of a sudden I met her. I couldn’t hold myself and went to meet her.
Baby’s chubby cheeks and brown eyes flew my heart. He completely looks like Aradhya. I felt the same way when I first saw his father. My heart was thumping.
My blood did not recognize me today. He was afraid of his mother. He was in my friend’s arm, happy and calm like his father. This calmness of the kiddo gave me the worst feeling. Even after so much pain and effort. He is not in my possession. This feeling gave me live death. I could not bear this immense pain this time. Earlier, I was so strong but this moment with my child has sucked all the strength from me and it felt like I have lost my soul somewhere.
I was frozen there, my friend hugged me and went away, I saw her going till she became invisible to my eyes. I was staring at her like a zero.
The sound of baby ” heh heh heh heh heh” was echoing in my ears, It gave me a realization of false motherhood, It told me the real meaning of surrogate mother. This tag has snatched my entity from me.


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