You Are Not Forever!

For nights that are dark, cold and the loneliest. I am here to remind you, You won’t stay forever. You have come through the small window of my heart, I was afraid to look through. Now you are here and I am feeling worse than I ever had, But let me tell you, I saw you coming, I felt the silence in my heart, the silence before the storm. I thought I am prepared, I will fight whatever it is. But I was prepared for everyone; Everyone except me. Didn’t know It will be me, who will make a fall for myself.
Now I am in pain, disappointed from myself, alone crying in these nights and I know following my tears, my fear, regrets, disappointments will pave their way outside my heart, leaving it dry and cold.
And like monsoon there will come April again, my heart will bloom, my nerves will sing and my mind will float, It’s not a hope, No I don’t expect. It’s a fact as I have seen this before. I have experienced this before. It’s the time when I will have the lowest of my life and I am embracing myself, feeling this pain, crying my heart out, crying out loud without a voice, without any sound. My tears rolling down drying my eyes and making my heart like winter.
This post is for me and you. I am here to remind me, no matter how long these nights seem like. These are not going to last. These are here because of my insecurities, fear of losing, regrets and disappointments. These are here to help me, forgiving myself, to accept as I am flawed, broken, insecure, and beautiful. These are here to let me heal, and make my heart blue again. I am tired of the war and these nights are here to prepare me for the next one. And life doesn’t stop but the heart does take the break it needs. These cold nights are here to make you realize how beautiful you are.
Because it’s alright to be broken, to be desperate for love, for attention, for care. All you are the broken pieces trying to fit together. And yet you are the most wonderful and beautiful piece as you don’t give up, you hold a little longer, you don’t let yourself go even though it hurts and you wait for the night to be over, for the heart to be healed, to forgive yourself and begin once again.

Be you.
Know who you are.
It’s worth loving yourself than anyone else. People come and go, some stays and some leave.
And the word “Forever” is misunderstood. It’s not for others and it’s for you only. You are yours forever. Love yourself.
As I am here to remind you, these nights are not gonna stay long, you are. Forgive yourself and move on. To the nights I am going through, you are not forever, I am.

Writer : Ankit Sharma


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